21. 03. 2018

The Cankurtaran Tunnels in Turkey

We are pleased to inform you about the new realization of the Schréder Group in Turkey.

The Cankurtaran Tunnels include three successive tunnels (six tubes) in Artvin City. The tunnels are bidirectional and will be 5248m, 875m and 360m respectively in length.

 The tunnels are being built to bypass the Cankurtaran Pass at 690m (2,260 ft) elevation with many hairpin turns, and to alleviate Black Sea Region's access to Eastern Anatolia Region and consequently to Middle Easter countries. The tunnels will also eliminate the traffic burden that emerges from climatic conditions such as heavy snowfall, ice and fog.

The Cankuntaran Tunnels are especially significant because it is the longest tunnel comlex illuminated by Schréder LED luminaires. The tunnels are illuminated entirely by OMNIstar luminaires.

In total, 1746 OMNIstar luminaires installed to light the 3 tunnels and the 1241 driver boxes (OMNIbox) were supplied to power and control the OMNIstar. Luminaires in the tunnels will be controlled by DALI protocol.

The entire lighting design was made in the Minel-Schréder project bureau.





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